PowerPoint Presentations

Branded PowerPoint presentations in standard and widescreen formats are available for download to anyone in the CFAES community with Ohio State credentials. Please contact CFAES_BAT@osu.edu if you have any issues accessing the folder or trouble with the files.


Using PowerPoint templates

We have created three PowerPoint templates for both CFAES and 4-H. Each of the templates has numerous, designed slide layouts with preset formatting for the headline and slide text. The slide layouts include introductory slides, transition slides, and text-only slides. You are welcome to create your own slides within these presentations, as long as they are brand compliant. You are also welcome to create your own brand compliant presentations.

To add a new slide, click on the arrow in the New Slide button on the Home tab. All of the slide layout options will appear. Select the one you want to use. To type a headline, click on the headline text. To type slide text, click on the First Level text box.



CFAES PPT presentation
Download standard CFAES presentations
Download widescreen CFAES presentations


4-H PPT presentation
Download standard 4-H presentations
Download widescreen 4-H presentations