Pull-Up Banners

Our pull-up banner templates have been created using the latest version of InDesign. We do not have PowerPoint banner templates. 

Each file includes six designs that utilize the college’s minimum branding requirements, and each unit is welcome to customize the art to meet their needs. Two of the designs include images and can be printed as-is, or you can replace the photo with your own. The templates have been created with a viewable area of 33.5” x 78.25”. 

CFAES Pull-up Banner 1   CFAES Pull-up Banner 2  

CFAES Pull-up Banner 3














CFAES Pull-up Banner 4   CFAES Pull-up Banner 5   CFAES Pull-up Banner 6













Download CFAES Pull-Up Banner Templates

Download CFAES Wooster Pull-Up Banner Templates

Download Extension Pull-Up Banner Templates

Download 4-H Pull-Up Banner Templates