We are a collaborative college. It’s important for us to show that we are the lead organizer, when we are, and to recognize external partners appropriately. Here are a few tips:

  • Do not co-brand units of the university; the Block O should appear only once on a page. When more than one college, unit, entity, and/or department is represented in a single communications piece, use the university logo and list the college, unit, entity, and/or department names in the signoff location flush right at the bottom corner of the page, preferably in scarlet. If all of the entities, units, and/or departments are within CFAES, you may use the college logo.
  • When co-branding with external organizations, keep their logos at least three Block O widths away from the Ohio State logo.
  • When there are multiple collaborators who are not equal partners in an event, recognize them in text or consider recognizing them on a separate page.
  • When we are the lead organizer of an event or a program, give our logo more prominence by using a color version (while using a black-and-white or gray version of the other logos), making our logo bigger, or positioning it in a priority location.