There are two approved brand fonts: Buckeye Serif and Buckeye Sans. They are proprietary to Ohio State, are free to use, and desktop versions can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. Do not use other fonts in your materials. Web fonts are available through Buckeye UX, Ohio State’s design system.


Buckeye Serif

Our serif font, Buckeye Serif, offers an academic sophistication while maintaining a warm, conversational feel with its combination of soft curves and angular serifs.

Buckeye Serif offers a range of weights and conveys the boldness, vitality and approachability of Ohio State. Its bolder weights work well for headlines, and its lighter weights for body copy.

Buckeye Serif typeface examples

















Buckeye Sans

Our sans serif font, Buckeye Sans, is a well-balanced, highly readable font that blends functionality with vibrancy and energy. Its large x-height allows for greater legibility and clarity, particularly at small sizes. Buckeye Sans pairs exceptionally well with our Buckeye Serif.

Buckeye Sans typeface samples




















Download Buckeye desktop fonts

If you are not an employee of Ohio State, please email the brand team with a brief explanation of who you are and why you are requesting to download proprietary fonts for use. Requests through the link above will not be approved.