Graphic Elements

Graphic elements are pieces of our brand toolkit that help us tell CFAES stories in visually interesting ways. When applied consistently, these elements also help maintain a cohesive look across our family of materials. Choose elements that best support the message and format of a piece. If you choose to combine elements, do so in a way that feels visually balanced.

Art elements

Take the work out of branding your unit or department with our pre-made art element files. From stylized text treatments for the college name and tagline to CFAES badges and Ohio State-related silhouettes, we've got you covered.


Buckeye Patterns

Looking for a way to add some depth to your flyer or publication? Download one of our fantastic background patterns. Choose from options like faded leaves, halftone dots, leaf and dot combo, or grid paper.  


CFAES Textures

Do you like the idea of adding a background to your file but would prefer something a little more realistic? Grab one of our texture files and put it to work.  


Department Identity Kits 

Our Department Identity Kits are a great way to stay on brand and show your relationship to CFAES. Icons, badges, acronyms, name files, Zoom backgrounds, and PowerPoint presentations — we've got you covered. Everything has been created in print- and digital-friendly formats, and in a variety of primary palette colorways.