Graphic Elements

Graphic elements can add energy and excitement to your designs. They also help to align us with the larger Buckeye community. Choose elements that best support the message and format of a piece. You can use one, two, or more elements to help you present your information to your audience. But keep in mind that a little goes a long way. If your design feels or looks busy to you, trust your instincts and remove an element or two. Only keep what's critical to communicating your message.  


CFAES Badge icon featuring We Sustain Life tagline.   Buckeye artwork icon featuring Buckeye leaf and nut.   Background patterns icon.

CFAES Badges

Use a badge to pay homage to the history of our college. Make it a feature, or adjust the transparency and use it as a watermark.


Buckeye Artwork

Nothing says Buckeye like a Buckeye leaf or nut. Or both! Except maybe for Script Ohio. Use as decorative accents or to make a statement. O-H!


Background Patterns

Add some depth to your flyer or publication with one of our background patterns. Choose from options like faded leaves, halftone dots, or grid paper. 


We Sustain Life tagline icon.   Magnifying glass icon to represent the icon category.   Texture of wood icon.

Tagline Files

We Sustain Life. Everything we do in our college supports that mission. Be proud of it and show it off. Encourage others to join us. 



Use an icon to illustrate common and college-related themes. Our growing library is a great resource for infographic creation.



CFAES Buckeyes are all about getting their hands in and on things. We're tactile, and we like our communications to have a feel to them, too. 


College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences name icon.   Toolbox icon to represent the Department Identity Kit category.   ""

College Name Files

We want you to use the logo whenever possible but there are times when you need to identify the college name in text. Use one of these files to ensure consistency and to give it some flair.   


Department Identity Kits

Departments—stay on brand and show your relationship to CFAES! Icons, badges, acronyms, name files, Zoom backgrounds, and PowerPoint presentations—we've got you covered.