Art Elements

Traditional Buckeye symbols, including Buckeye leaves, Script Ohio, and the Block O symbol, are available for download from the university at Our team has also developed some art elements that are specific to CFAES, shown below. Don't forget to check out the Buckeye Patterns page. It features backgrounds and patterns that can be added to presentations and publications to help add some visual interest while remaining on brand. The files are available in a variety of formats for both print and web applications.

Using the brand elements

If you're looking to place an element on a colored background, please make sure you use either a png or eps format. Their transparent backgrounds will ensure you don't get a white box around your image. 

Be sure to follow all brand guidelines outlined here on this site. 

For tips on how to correctly insert art or photos into your publications, see Cropping Photos (PDF).

If you’d like to create infographics, see this tip sheet: Creating Infographics (PDF)

We Sustain Life tagline

We Sustain Life tagline

We foster economic development through technologies and value-added products. We strive to ensure human, animal, and environmental health. We prepare our future leaders and scientists. Simply put: We sustain life. 

Whenever possible, the tagline should appear in a consistent manner. Scarlet is the preferred color, but any primary palette color is acceptable.

Download Tagline Assets


College name

Option 1 - without university name
College Name

Option 2 - with university name
college and university name text file

The logo is the primary way to identify the college on all publications. However, there are times when you need to display the college name in just text. This treatment would be appropriate in the running footer of a publication or electronic presentation, or as a watermark. For those occasions, we have created a stylized treatment of the college's name which includes a blend of brand fonts. The preferred format is for the name to appear on one line and in scarlet, but stacked and centered versions in primary palette colors have also been created.

Download College Name Assets



College name®

Option 1 - full university name
College Name®

Option 2 - shortened university name
College Name®

As an alternative to using the logo on merchandise, you may use the university and college name lockup spelled out in an approved font. You must also include a registration mark after the university's name: The Ohio State University® College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences or Ohio State® College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. The name should always appear in one of the primary palette colors. Pre-designed files have been created in horizontal, centered, and stacked formats and are available to download below. This version of the college name should not be used in printed materials. It's for use on merchandise and apparel only.

Download College Name® Assets



We Sustain Life Badge

The 'We Sustain Life' badge is a fun way to showcase the mission of our college. The badge can be used as a watermark by adjusting its transparency, or it can be used at full opacity as a graphic element. It should not be used to replace the logo or tag.

We Sustain Life Badge

Download We Sustain Life Badges


Buckeye Leaf Badge

There are times when you might just want a simple piece of Buckeye artwork to use as a watermark in the background or to serve as a special marker on the page. Consider adding a Buckeye Leaf Badge.

Leaf Badge 

Download Buckeye Leaf Badges


Nothing speaks to being a Buckeye quite like our rally cry. O-H-I-O is recognized internationally, and our artwork is a fun way to include some school spirit with your message when appropriate. In addition to the standing version, we've created a jumping version for the addition of even more energy. 


Download O-H-I-O assets


Brutus silhouette

Your favorite nut is ready for action. While he's not appropriate for all applications, he'll make a fun addition to your event signage or social media post. If you're not sure when to use him, send us an email at and we'll discuss the details and give you some guidance. 


Download Brutus silhouette assets