Background Patterns

Patterns can add depth and visual energy to whatever you’re creating. From PowerPoint presentations to event flyers, our files can help you stay on brand while adding some Buckeye spirit and flair to your creation.

Each pattern includes a variety of brand-approved color options, each in CMYK and RGB formats.

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Red Angled Lines background pattern   Scarlet diamond pattern with buckeye leaves   Faded leaf pattern

Angled Lines pattern

Angled lines can add a subtle texture to your background or can make a dramatic impact if added as a fill to your text.


Diamond pattern

This versatile, subtle buckeye leaf pattern works just as well in formal applications as casual ones. 


Faded Leaf pattern

Use this pattern when you need to add a bit of flair to your background but need to keep your text legible.

Download Angled Lines   Download Diamond files   Download Faded Leaf files


Dark gray complex grid background pattern.   Dark red halftone dots pattern.   Scarlet background with gray hull outline pattern.

Grid Paper pattern

Grids make great background images because they give you something to align elements to. 


Halftone Dots pattern

When you want something more than just flat color but don't want a background that overwhelms the piece. 


Hull Outline pattern

A little of this dramatic pattern goes a long way, so save it for when you have a simple design and need a real pop. 

Download Grid Paper files   Download Halftone Dot files   Download Hull Outline files


Gray blend of faded leaf and halftone dot patterns.   Repeating pattern of gray buckeye leaves with red shell buckeye nuts on a black background.   Gray background combination of angled lines and faded leaf patterns.

Leaf+Dot pattern

A blend of the faded leaf and halftone dot patterns. 


Leaf+Nut pattern

Classic repeating pattern of buckeye leaves with in-the-hull buckeye nuts. 


Line+Leaf pattern

A blend of the faded leaf and angled lines patterns.  

Download Leaf Dot files   Download Halftone Dot files   Download Line Leaf files


Dark red on red plaid background pattern.   ""   ""

Plaid pattern

Nothing says classic quite like a good plaid.   





Download Plaid files