Buckeye Artwork

Certain symbols are associated with Ohio State and with Ohio State alone. They're how we differentiate ourselves from other schools, and they unite us as Buckeyes. Using these art elements can create immediate audience recognition of, and an emotional connection to, our brand. 

Each art element includes a variety of brand-approved color options, each in CMYK and RGB formats.

Note: You must be logged in with your Ohio State credentials to access the files. If you have any trouble, please contact CFAES_BAT@osu.edu.


Green Buckeye Leaf   Brown Buckeye Nut.   Green Buckeye hull and brown Buckeye nut.

Buckeye Leaf

The non-athletic leaf is a stylized adaptation of the athletic leaf. Available in
solid and outlined versions. 


Buckeye Nut

Ohio State embraces the resilient nut as part of many traditions that have stood the test of time. 


Buckeye Hull

Get fun and show the nut emerging from the shell, but don't combine the it with a Block O or present it in a competitor’s colors.

Download Leaf Files   Download Nut Files   Download Hull Files


Leaf and nut combo file.   Gray leaf and hull combo file.   Scarlet Script Ohio.

Buckeye Leaf+Nut combo

There is probably no greater — or more natural pairing — than the buckeye nut and leaf. 


Buckeye Leaf+Hull combo

No greater pairing unless it's an emerging buckeye nut and leaf.  


Script Ohio

Script Ohio has become not only one of the most beloved Buckeye traditions but an iconic symbol that embodies the spirit of Ohio State.

Download Nut Combo Files   Download Hull Combo Files   Download Script Ohio Files



Silhouette of jumping O-H-I-O.   CFAES campuses in a red shape of Ohio.   CFAES Mission areas: teaching, Extension, and research.


Whether jumping or standing, everyone recognizes the cheer used to express affinity for Ohio State. 


State of Ohio

CFAES is one college spread across three campuses, with our faculty and staff split evenly among the three campuses.


CFAES Mission Areas

We have three mission areas: Teaching, Extension, and Research. All dedicated to one essential purpose: We sustain life.

Download O-H-I-O Files   Download Ohio Files   Download Mission files