Buckeye Patterns

Patterns and textures can add depth and visual energy to whatever you're creating. From PowerPoint presentations to event flyers, our files can help you stay on brand while adding some Buckeye spirit to your creation.

Using the brand elements

If you're looking to place an element on a colored background, please make sure you use either a png or eps format. Their transparent backgrounds will ensure you don't get a white box around your image. 

Be sure to follow all brand guidelines outlined here on this site. 

For tips on how to correctly insert art or photos into your publications, see Cropping Photos (PDF).

If you’d like to create infographics, see this tip sheet: Creating Infographics (PDF)


Buckeye Patterns image

Download files

A - Angled Block O files

B - Angled Lines files

C - Bevel Frame files

D - Faded Leaf files

E - Grid Paper files

F - Halftone Dots files

G - Leaf Dot files

H - Leaf Nut files

I - Line Leaf files

J - Plaid files