CFAES Badges

The badge element is a great way to pay homage to the history of the college or to share our mission with the world.

Our pre-built badges are designed to play the role of hero or background player in your project. They are secondary design elements and should never be used as a replacement for the logo. They should not be altered with receiving permission from the CFAES Brand Team first. 

Each badge design includes a variety of brand-approved color options, each in CMYK and RGB formats.

Note: You must be logged in with your Ohio State credentials to access the files. If you have any trouble, please contact


CFAES Badge 1 with a Buckeye Leaf, the college tagline, and the year our college was established.   CFAES Badge 2 with the college name, college tagline, and the year the college was established.   CFAES Badge 3 with college tagline as the hero, and the college name and year of establishment as secondary elements.

Download CFAES Badge 1

  Download CFAES Badge 2   Download CFAES Badge 3


CFAES Badge 4 with the established date as the hero, and the college tagline and college name underneath.   CFAES Badge 5 with all college brand elements included in a shield design.   CFAES Badge 6 with college tagline and Buckeye leaf in a circle shape.

Download CFAES Badge 4

  Download CFAES Badge 5   Download CFAES Badge 6