Department Identity Kits

It’s easier than ever to show your Buckeye spirit and meet branding requirements with our new Department Identity Kits. Each kit contains a variety of department acronym and name file configurations, along with custom badges, icons, PowerPoint presentations, and Zoom backgrounds — all in primary color palette colorways.

Note: CMYK assets should be used for print materials. Transparent RGB png files should be used for any digital, video, or web projects. If you use Adobe CC applications, you can download the CC files and set up your own drag and drop library. 

Click on the links below to access your department's kit.

ACEL: All assets  |  CC assets 

AEDE: All assets  |  CC assets

AnSCIAll assets  |  CC assets 

ENT: All assets  |  CC assets

FABE: All assets  |  CC assets 

FST: All assets  |  CC assets 

HCS: All assets  |  CC assets 

PP: All assets  |  CC assets 

SENR: All assets  |  CC assets