Textures are an easy way to take a design from boring to exciting. Play with the transparency setting in your design program to create a subtle watermark, or use the graphic at full strength to make a bold statement. 

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Canvas texture.   Carmen Ohio lyrics.   Red background with white, hand drawn lines that look like veins of a leaf.

Canvas Texture

Create a design that people will want to get their hands on by using the canvas texture as a background.


Carmen Ohio

How firm thy friendship. Show your Ohio State affiliation by including the alma mater faded in the background or as the focus of your piece.


Chevron Leaf

Hand drawn lines take this design from just a plain geometric pattern to one that conveys the feeling of being one with nature.  

Download Canvas Texture   Download Carmen Ohio   Download Chevron Leaf


Concrete texture.   Grass texture in red.   Wavy, hand drawn lines in gray on a white background.

Concrete Texture

Buckeyes build things and get their hands dirty. Use this texture to add some grit to your pages while also keeping the design clean. 



It looks so real, you might be tempted to mow it or check it for slugs. This pattern is a great way to create an organic edge in your layout. 


Natural Lines

Natural lines convey a feeling of movement and motion while remaining subtle enough to let your words and images shine. 

Download Concrete Texture   Download Grass Texture   Download Natural Lines


A close-up of the seal on the front of Thompson Library.   We Sustain Life mission statement in red text.   Wood texture in dark gray.

Thompson Library

We're a cornerstone college and can't be more proud of that heritage.  


We Sustain Life

Our mission guides us in what we do every day. Use this texture to reinforce that message.



A subtle wood grain texture works well in both casual and formal designs. 

Download Thompson Seal   Download Mission Texture   Download Wood Texture