CFAES Preferred Logo




The CFAES logo is the most instantly recognizable part of our brand. It unites us with Ohio State, one of the leading teaching and research institutions in the country. We use the college logo on every piece we design, because we share in the heritage of excellence that Ohio State is renowned for worldwide. We’re proud of this connection. It’s a legacy worth honoring in all of our communications.

Logo basics

Ohio State’s brand guidelines strictly limit which units may be connected with the university logo. For all CFAES units—including CFAES itself—only the college name may be connected with the university logo, and we must use only the approved versions available. Other college units (mission areas, departments, program areas, etc.) should be identified as outlined on the Unit ID page. Our goal is to always make clear the connection between CFAES and CFAES units, and then show that connection to the university itself.

Individual logos are not available for and may not be used for internal college units such as departments, program areas, volunteer groups, arboretums, etc.

The 4-H clover emblem and other external and nationally recognized logos may be used as long as the guidelines on the Co-Branding page are followed.

For more information about logo use, see brand.osu.edu/logo.


Clear space

CFAES logo clear space graphic

“Clear space” is the protected area around the logo. This space must be kept free of all other graphics and text, including other logos, in order to maximize its impact on the page or on the screen. It is also the minimum distance the logo can be from the edges of an electronic document or printed piece.

To preserve the logo’s prominence, no additional iconography, marks or artwork may be used in conjunction with it.

Approved secondary identity elements may be used as supporting art, ie. the We Sustain Life tagline or badge, but they should always be clearly separated from the logo.

Download Logo Resources

  • Horizontal, vertical and stacked configurations
  • All available color variations, including CMYK for print and RGB for digital
  • Vector, eps, and png formats
  • Logo and wordmark with ®