Ohio 4-H

Ohio 4-H youth development is a CFAES program delivered by OSU Extension.

Approved 4-H Logo configurations and color variations        

In order to create consistency throughout the brand, the primary green clover emblem should be used whenever possible on branded materials. Always make sure to include the "18 USC 707" protection notice. Secondary logo interpretations can never be used in place of a primary logo, but instead can be used as a supporting graphic element in materials such as backdrops, apparel, patches, pins, etc.



The official color of the 4-H Emblem is 100% PMS 347 green (Hex: 339966 / CMYK: 100-0-90-0 / RGB: 51-153-102). It should never be screened, shaded, gradated, or appear in a multi-colored hue.

  • When using the green emblem, the "H's" may appear in white, black, or metallic gold.
  • When using the black emblem, the "H's" may appear in white.
  • When using a white emblem, the "H's" on the clover may appear in either black or green. 

The one exception to the approved color variations listed above is when one-color printing is being used. In that case, the "H's" can be reversed out of the color of the paper or medium on which the emblem is printed. The "18 USC 707" notice should always appear in the same color as the clover leaves. 



On print materials, the clover emblem must always be used in conjunction with the college tag and Extension mark. If space allows, the full college name should also be spelled out. See the OSU Extension 4-H Combo page for more information and an example of how to use all of the elements together. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Brand Team for help.

Make sure there is at least one Block O width of clear space on all sides, and do not add any graphics, words, or art elements to the emblem. 


Download 4-H logos

  • Primary emblem, secondary type treatment, and National 4-H Council files
  • All approved color variations, including CMYK for print and RGB for digital
  • Vector EPS and transparent PNG formats

If you are not an employee of Ohio State, please email the brand team with a brief explanation of who you are and why you are requesting a logo for use. Requests through the link above will not be approved.