OSU Extension

Ohio State University Extension is the statewide outreach arm of The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES).

Ohio State University Extension logo configurations

This mark must always be used in conjunction with the college tag. The full college name must also appear on printed and electronic pieces. If you have any questions about how to do this, please reach out to the Brand Team for help.

All branding rules for the CFAES logo apply to the Extension mark as well: Make sure there is at least one Block O width of clear space on all sides, and do not add any graphics, words, or art elements to it. 

Note: We use the horizontal logo only when there are vertical design restrictions, such as headers, footers, etc.If you have used the previously available vertical configuration, please plan to update your materials with either the stacked or horizontal logo before redistributing or reprinting. For any new materials, use one of the logo configurations above.


Extension branding example

Extension branding example

A - You must use the CFAES tag. It's not mandatory to use it in the top left corner like this, but this is the natural, preferred location for it. You can use the tall version and "hang" it or bleed it off the page as shown in the example above, or you can use the short version and anchor it to the top of the photo. 

B - Since it is no longer included in the wordmark part of the logo, the full college name must appear somewhere on your document. You can use one of the stylized art files we've created, or you can spell it out in a brand-approved typeface. It does not have to appear at the top of the page, but this is a natural, sensible location to choose.

C - The Extension mark should be used on all materials that promote Extension-based programming. No other icons or marks are permitted to be created or used as identifiers. 

D - You can use the signoff position (the lower right corner) to identify your county. You're also welcome to identify your county name in the kicker position (a small line of text above the headline of your piece) or in the actual headline, if it makes sense. Check out the Unit ID page for examples. This sample file shows how to use your program name in the headline/subhead area. 


Download Extension marks for print and digital use

  • Stacked and horizontal configurations
  • All approved color variations, including CMYK for print and RGB for digital
  • Vector EPS and transparent PNG formats

If you are not an employee of Ohio State, please email the brand team with a brief explanation of who you are and why you are requesting a logo for use. Requests through the link above will not be approved.