CFAES and CFAES programming can be advertised on a variety of unique promotional materials and merchandise.

There are brand guidelines specific to designing promotional materials and merchandise for the college. Merchandise and apparel using Ohio State trademarks (including the Ohio State name) must be produced by an approved university supplier. Please review the steps below for selecting an approved supplier. 

Download the college's guidelines and approval procedures

Download the CFAES Student Guide to Branding, Merchandise, and Apparel

How to find an approved supplier

  1. Navigate to the Office of Business and Finance site and log in using your Ohio State credentials.
  2. Choose "Athletic Apparel" from the Category search drop down menu if you're using university funds to produce items for sale. Choose "Promotional Products and Apparel" from the Category search drop down menu if you're using university funds to produce items that will be given away for free

We do not typically work directly with promotional vendors, but we regularly see proofs created by American Solutions for Business, G&G Outfitters, Golden Star Promotions, Proforma, and The Branding Society. This is not an endorsement of or recommendation for these vendors; it's just to say that they seem to be familiar with our various branding requirements. Also, American Solutions for Business (Direct) has options that allow for the creation of single or small quantities of on-demand apparel branded to the college. This includes outerwear, polo shirts, t-shirts, and woven shirts. Please talk to your department or unit fiscal representative to make sure you follow all purchasing policies if you're interested in buying clothing or giveaways. 

Approval Process

All clothing and merchandise produced for the college and its entities must follow the approval process steps:

  1. Create a mockup of your proposed design. If you do not have the tools to create a mockup on your own, you can work with an approved supplier to have a mockup created.
  2. Email your mockup to the CFAES Brand Approval Team:
  3. Once you receive an approval from BAT, download and fill out the appropriate "Department Request for Logo Use" form:

    Request for trademark use: Ohio State Alumni Clubs and Societies 

    Request for trademark use: Student Organizations

    Request for trademark use: University Departments
  4. Send the completed form and your approved art to Karen Dertinger at and to the university's Identity Team at Allow at least two weeks for all approvals. 
  5. Submit all approvals as an attachment to a Workday Requisition. Specific ordering instructions for contracted suppliers can be found in their supplier profile in the contract book.

Any deviation from the above steps may result in a delay in the approval of your design.