CFAES’ photographic style reflects and reinforces the university’s position statement by highlighting our people, our places, and our Buckeyes in action. It is clean, compelling, and real. The subject is always the hero—the primary focal point—caught in a moment that resonates with the viewer.

Diversity is also an important aspect of CFAES’ photographic style. As you choose imagery, be sure to reflect the diversity of our college, our university, our city, our state, and our world. This includes images of people from various racial/ethnic groups, people dressed in traditional attire, people with visible disabilities, people of various ages, and people of both sexes.


Do we need photo releases?

A photo release is not required for the use of an individual’s image or likeness if all of the following apply:

  • The individual is or was a student at, or a member of the faculty or staff of, The Ohio State University.

  • The use of the individual’s image or likeness is for educational purposes or for the promotion of the university and its educational or institutional objectives, with the exception of student-athletes’ images and likenesses, which requires review and permissions from Athletics.


A photo release is required for individuals under the age of 18, patients and those not meeting both criteria above, UNLESS the images are of gatherings or groups where no one person is being singled out or used in an individual manner that capitalizes on their likeness. If there are recognizable people in the images, photo releases are still not required as long as the images are used in a collection (as in a gallery of event photos). 

See the Ohio Revised Code 2741.09 Exceptions for more details.


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Looking for college and university imagery? Check out the CFAES Photo Library and university's Digital Asset Management system

And when you need good stock photography but have no money, check out Rgbstock, Pexels, Unsplash, and Freeimages.

Please note: Just because an image is online, doesn’t mean you have permission to use it. Be sure to avoid breaking copyright rules!