Typography comprises the style, arrangement, and appearance of letters and words. Neat, consistent typography helps tell our story in a clear, engaging manner.

Access to brand fonts

The Office of the Chief Information Officer has worked with Adobe to provide a site-wide faculty and staff license for Adobe Creative Cloud and Acrobat Professional, compatible with both Windows and Macintosh. This is big news because it means that everyone now has access to Proxima Nova! If you do not already have Adobe Creative Cloud installed on your computer, you may request it through the OCIO's Self Service page. Once installed, you can navigate to the Fonts menu, search for Proxima Nova, and then activate the font families. You can then begin using them in your branded documents. Please note: because this is a cloud service, the fonts do not actually download to your computer. If you use them in a document that is to be printed at a commercial facility like UniPrint, you must create a press-ready pdf and embed the fonts. Contact us with any questions.

About our typefaces

The following is an excerpt from the university’s Typography page:

Based on their clean lines, usability, and compatibility with the university logo, Proxima Nova and Capita have been chosen as the university’s official fonts.

Both highly readable, Proxima Nova and Capita are diverse in weight and style, attractive when paired together, and—most conveniently—available as web fonts. External-facing communication materials should utilize one or both of these fonts

Examples of the proxima nova font

Examples of the capita font

To supplement these core typefaces, Snell Roundhand Script has been chosen as the official script font. However, it is available for desktop only.

Examples of the snell roundhand font

Fonts are licensed products and cannot be shared; licenses for both font packages, Proxima Nova and Capita, are available from UniPrint (614-292-2000) for a specially negotiated price of $105. Snell Roundhand Script is available separately for the price of $12.30 per license.

You do not have to purchase these fonts. Arial and Times New Roman are the university’s official default fonts. If you don’t have Proxima Nova, use Arial. If you don’t have Capita, use Times New Roman. Both are perfectly acceptable for branded materials.

Examples of the arial font

Examples of the times new roman font