Unit ID

While Ohio State strictly limits which units may be connected with the university logo, there are many ways for a unit within CFAES to identify itself. The university's visual identity system features four options for representing unit names clearly and consistently. These identifiers give design prominence to units without making our organization appear complicated or difficult, while the diversity in locations and accompanying treatments provides flexibility for different looks and degrees of prominence.

Names of departments, programs, institutes, centers, or other units within a college or central office are represented in one of these four locations outside of the university logo’s clear space. In any location, the unit name may not be typeset to appear integrated with the university logo or a secondary signature.

CFAES Tag + Band

This visual identity system features the CFAES tag paired with the unit name in all capital letters in white sans serif text on a gray band positioned horizontally across the top of the page. This is a great way for departments and programs to highlight themselves.

A sample cover showcasing the CFAES tag and band promoting a Winter Wildlife Q&A session



The kicker places the unit name above the headline of the piece. Consider using this option when you need to promote the relationship between your unit and the program or event, particularly if it's an exclusive offering. 

A sample annual report cover showcasing CFAES brand kicker featuring two cows standing in a pasture



The headline system does exactly that—places the unit name in the headline of the piece. The name can either stand alone or be incorporated in a longer messaging headline.

A sample brochure cover showcasing the CFAES brand headline option



The signoff treatment places the unit name opposite the logo at the bottom corner of a piece, in effect "signing" the piece with the unit's name. The unit identifier should appear well outside the logo clear space.

When more than one college, unit, or department is represented in a single marketing communcations piece, use the university logo and list the partner names in the signoff location. Check out the By CFAES, For CFAES section on the Co-Branding page for an example. 

An example of the CFAES signoff branding method. The flyer promotes the Extension program, Dining With Diabetes, and includes and image of healthy food.