Sesquicentennial Marks

The Ohio State University and the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences got its start in 1870, when the Ohio General Assembly established the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College. Since its founding, The Ohio State University has epitomized the belief that in educating our citizenry, we ensure a better tomorrow for ourselves and as a society. In academic year 2019-2020, through the fall of 2020, The Ohio State University and CFAES will mark 150 years with a global celebration for all Buckeyes. Join us as we honor and explore our history, celebrate who we are today, and envision and embrace our future.

talking about the Sesquicentennial 

“150th anniversary” and “sesquicentennial” are the only acceptable references for this special occasion. They can be used interchangeably and should not be capitalized. “Sesquicentennial anniversary” is redundant and should never be used. “Birthday” is never acceptable.

“Celebrate/celebration,” “honor” and “mark” are appropriate words to associate with Ohio State’s sesquicentennial. “Commemorate” should not be used in any form to reference the sesquicentennial, though it may be used to describe specific activities offered as part of a sesquicentennial-related event. Example: “We will celebrate our sesquicentennial with a photography exhibit commemorating Buckeyes who served in World War I.”

Examples of ways to refer to CFAES in copy:

The Ohio State University and the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences—a founding college of the university—are celebrating their first 150 years of education, research, innovation, and community engagement.

For a century and a half, the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University has...

For 150 years, the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences has...

As a founding college of university, the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is...


A celebration of all that Buckeyes are, all that we have accomplished, and all that is yet to come.


#CFAES150 #OSU150 (always use both)


Sesquicentennial Identification Marks

To identify the sesquicentennial program, the college logo (stacked version only) and the sesquicentennial supergraphic should always be used together, as a lockup. This lockup is called the 150 mark.

When applying the 150 mark, use only the official files, provided by the BAT team. These files include correct spacing and divider line element. Do not attempt to recreate the 150 mark. 

Additional elements may not be added to the 150 mark.

After the sesquicentennial year, the 150 mark can be replaced by the college logo with minimal effort, keeping your materials on brand.


CFAES 150 mark



CFAES 150 apparel mark

Notes for apparel:

Left chest position: College logo (stacked version)

Right chest position: 150th (note the dates may be too small to reproduce cleanly when embroidered. If that is the case, then the 150 outline numerals without dates is fine).

The 150th could also appear on the left sleeve as an alternative. This could be used if there is a need to reserve the right chest for department/program identification in text.

Download CFAES 150 assets

  • All available color variations, including CMYK for print and RGB for digital
  • eps, jpg, tiff, and png formats