An endorsement is a statement or action that shows you support or approve of something or someone. As a public institution, the university operates under a strict no endorsement policy, meaning that no faculty, staff or student may provide testimonials, quotes or other statements that imply favorability of a product or service.

External companies

External companies may identify the university on a client list by name only (The Ohio State University) and describe in factual terms the product or service provided, but they are not permitted to use the Block O or any other university logo without prior permission. Nor can the Ohio State logo, the Block O or other Ohio State trademarks be used in materials by external companies without written permission. Companies may submit a request for logo or trademark use to the University Trademark and Licensing Office at TMlicensing@osu.edu.

The university’s Supplier Advertising Policy ensures that references to The Ohio State University in a supplier’s advertising do not reflect unfavorably on the university and that any references to the university’s use of a product or service are made only with the university’s express prior approval.

(Suppliers: Any company providing products or services, or individual providing fees for service, to the university require written consent of the use of trademarks.)


Ohio State employees

Faculty and staff are not permitted to provide testimonials or quotes for a product or service. If you want to provide a testimonial in your personal capacity, you must take care that your statement is not mistaken as a university endorsement. This means that you must make it clear that you are speaking only on your behalf.

If you include your university title, you MUST also include the following language: “Title provides identification purposes only. The views and opinions expressed are those of the individual only and do not necessarily reflect the positions of The Ohio State University.”