Consistency is key when presenting our visual brand identity to the world. The guidelines and templates on this site help us speak in a powerful, unified voice.

From displaying department names in documents to the email signatures that sign our correspondence, we have numerous opportunities to reinforce Ohio State’s brand in subtle but very effective ways. Whether you’re engaging others on social media or handing out an agenda to coworkers prior to a meeting, the tools we've created for you can help ensure that our brand is represented in all that we do.

You may use these templates as they are, or use them as a guide to create your own materials. If you have questions about or trouble downloading the templates, please email us at CFAES_BAT@osu.edu. The collection is always growing, so check this site frequently for new designs. 

All materials must be reviewed by the university before being distributed or produced. This includes social media posts, event flyers, student organization materials, and videos. Please send your mockups to brandcenter@osu.edu and allow plenty of time for a response.


Reminder: Everything you distribute digitally must be accessible for those using assistive technology. Download our InDesign and PowerPoint guidelines to learn more about creating accessible documents.

How to use our templates

All of our templates have been created using the latest versions of InDesign, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint. Each reflects the latest design system and complies with university accessibility standards. They are available to anyone with Ohio State credentials to download. If you have any trouble accessing the files, please contact CFAES_BAT@osu.edu.

Once you download the template, simply click on the sample text and replace it with your own content. The colored boxes indicate where you should place photos, graphs, charts, etc. If you do not have images to add to the publication, you can simply delete the colored boxes.

Make sure you download the brand fonts to use the templates.