Office Documents

How we express ourselves through stationery—from letterhead to meeting agendas—reinforces our brand. Consistency here helps give our audiences a positive, meaningful interaction with Ohio State.

Our stationery has been designed to meet a variety of correspondence needs. Staying true to this system provides consistency, strengthens our brand image and saves money. You are not required to use these templates, but they're here if you need them.

NOTE: The university logo is used on all stationery for colleges, central offices, regional campuses, etc. Do not modify these templates to include the college logo. The college name and any operating unit should be added in text in the area on the right side of the document. If you have questions, email

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These templates are for unofficial, internal communications only. Official stationery, including business cards and envelopes, can be ordered from UniPrint.

Ohio State-branded electronic office documents, including letterhead, a memo, and agenda template.

Download Office document templates