Video Templates/Graphics

Video elements

Like other branded promotional materials, videos produced by Ohio State should be of the highest quality to properly represent The Ohio State University.

These video elements and templates are provided to assist in establishing a consistent look and feel across CFAES.

Completed videos must be submitted to the CFAES Brand Team for review before final approval. Click "Request Brand Approval" on the right side of the screen to make a submission.

Open/close video clips

These mp4 video files include the CFAES logo and tag on white or black background, plus versions that include Extension and 4-H branding. Simply insert these video files at the beginning or ending of your video to create a nice, on-brand opening or closer. No altering required.

CFAES Video Intro
Download CFAES logo + tag intro/outro video files


Extension Video Intro
Download CFAES + Extension intro/outro video files


4-H Video Intro
Download CFAES + 4-H intro/outro video files


Lower thirds

The lower third or name key files are used to identify people on screen. These are Photoshop files that contain editable layers. There are templates specific to student, faculty, staff, or alumni. If you are identifying someone that is not affiliated with the University, simply identify them by name (first line) and then title (on the second line). 

Video Lower Third
Download Video Lower Third templates - Photoshop (.psd)
Download Video Lower Third templates - PowerPoint


Title/graphic slide

This title/graphic slide template is an editable Photoshop file. As the name implies, this can be used to create a specific intro title for your video, but also can be used for creating a graphic for showing text on screen. Note that the tag is on a separate layer and can be used and then removed.

Video Title/Graphic Slide
Download Video Title/Graphic Slide template