What's New

Here’s an easy-to-reference rundown of what’s new and how it might impact your projects. We’re always expanding the site, so be sure to check back often in order to stay up-to-date.

  • Updated Merchandise and Apparel Guidelines added to the site and instructions for how to find a supplier were modified on 4/19/23.

  • A new menu option for downloadable 4-H logo files was added to the site on 03/28/23.

  • A new tab dedicated to Merchandise and Apparel was created and new Merchandise-Only® Logo files were added to the site on 03/17/23. 

  • A new tab called Resources, which is dedicated to university policies and procedures surrounding a variety of marketing topics, was created and added to the site on 03/17/23. 

  • New guidance for registration mark® logos has been added on 03/17/23. Logos with the registration mark® exist inside each entity's main logos folder. These files are for use only when you are supplying a logo or mark to a non-Ohio State entity to use in print or digital promotional materials, ie. an external partnership event flyer. Merchandise-Only® Logo files should now be used on any merchandise and apparel being produced.